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Emotional health and Well Being

Promoting the Seeds of Change and New Beginnings

There are many events that can impact our lives emotionally, physically and psychologically, whether through work or our personal lives, upbringing or culture. We can find ourselves unable to cope due to Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Family Breakdown, to name but a few. These can lead to Depression, Anxiety, Post traumatic Stress, Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Self-Esteem issues which can affect our quality of life in so many ways. The list is endless of how life can have a negative impact and how we react or try to cope with this. Counselling can help make sense of our reactions and alleviate the emotional and physical stress associated with our life experience.
The therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor is formed through the creation of a therapeutic environment. As a Counsellor, my role is to create a genuinely empathic and non-judgemental space for you the client. This therapeutic space then helps the client to feel safe to explore their inner most thoughts and feelings without feeling judged or criticised. This all takes place in the counselling room and this is where the journey begins.

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Promoting the Seeds of Change and New Beginnings

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